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András Kornai jpg András Kornai earned his mathematics degree in 1983 from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest where his advisor was Miklós Ajtai. He earned his linguistics degree in 1991 from Stanford University, where his advisor was Paul Kiparsky. He is full professor at the Budapest Institute of Technology, and Senior Scientific Advisor at the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His research interests include all mathematical aspects of natural language processing, speech recognition, and OCR.



János Kornai 1928--2021

Teréz Laky 1926--2005

NAACL '03 Workshop on the Analysis of Geographic References

OIEL Mathematical Linguistics

Optical Character Recognition

Ecai '96 Workshop on Extended Finite State Models of Language

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There is no need to be impressed with the intelligence of any modern computer, no matter how large, with its blinking lights, complex displays, and many workers huddled over their terminals. The giant machine is doing nothing more than fetching instructions and executing them. It never has in the past, cannot now, and never in the future will be able to do more or less than this! (Alan W. Bierman: Great Ideas in Computer Science, p 255)