Workshop on the Analysis of Geographic References

On May 31 2003 a workshop was held on the analysis of geographic references as part of NAACL-HLT 2003 in Edmonton, Alberta. This webpage serves both as an archival site for the workshop, and as a means of publishing and disseminating information to the community of engineers and researchers who work on various aspects of the geographic text analysis task.

With the addition of the presentation slides used at the workshop, the archives are essentially complete, and will shortly be frozen. Materials available here include the following: call for papers, list of sponsors, committees, acknowledgements invited talks, full papers, and demos, and a snapshot of the workshop web page as it existed at the time of the meeting.

The community side is still evolving, expect major reorganizations (and possibly a Wiki) here. For now there are pages about forming the SIG, useful links, and there is a members only page that is password protected.

It is not our goal to cloak ourselves in anonymity or to create barriers to entering this community, but these days it is simply not wise to openly post useful information such as participant names and addresses, because the material immediately gets harvested by spambots. For the same reason, you don't find the email address conveniently listed here, but being a human you are perfectly capable of reconstructing it from the following description.

Take the name of the site, remove www. Prefix an atsign. Prefix the word geowkshp. Your message will reach the co-chairs only, who will be happy to add you to the member list.

Last updated June 6 2003