Papers and participants

Many of the papers presented at the meeting were eventually published in two collections: a thematic issue (vol 2 number 4, 1996) of Natural Language Engineering and in András Kornai (ed): Extended Finite State Models of Language Cambridge University Press (1999). These are marked by NLE and EFSML in the list below. Readers should consult these volumes, because the versions presented here are, for the most part, superseded by the NLE and/or EFSML versions.

Eberhard Bertsch (Ruhr University) & Mark-Jan Nederhof (Groningen University): An innovative finite-state concept for recognition and parsing of context-free languages NLE abstract EFSML full paper Comments by Aravind Joshi pdf

Jean-Pierre Chanod (Rank Xerox) & Pasi Tapanainen (University of Helsinki): A non-deterministic tokeniser for finite-state parsing EFSML

Max Copperman (Rank Xerox)

Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú (HAS Computer Science Institute): Colonies: a multi-agent approach to language generation EFSML Comments by Mark-Jan Nederhof pdf

Eva Ejerhed (Umea University): Finite state segmentation of discourse into clauses NLE EFSML

Tamás Gaál (Rank Xerox)

Gregory Grefenstette (Rank Xerox): Light parsing as finite-state filtering EFSML

Frederick Jelinek (Johns Hopkins University): Language modeling for speech recognition Comments by Mehryar Mohri pdf

Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania): A parser from antiquity: An early application of finite state transducers to natural language parsing NLE EFSML Comments by Lauri Karttunen pdf EFSML

Lauri Karttunen (Xerox PARC and Rank Xerox): Regular expressions for finite-state syntactic description NLE

Jozef Kelemen (Bratislava University of Economics)

András Kornai (IBM Almaden Research Center): Vectorized Finite State Automata EFSML Comments by Emmanuel Roche pdf

Kimmo Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki): Finite-state morphology and information retrieval NLE Comments by Eva Ejerhed pdf

Marc Light (Tübingen University)

Mehryar Mohri, Fernando Pereira and Michael Riley (AT&T Research): Weighted automata in text and speech processing Comments by András Kornai pdf

Richard Oehrle (University of Arizona): Finite-state methods, binding, and anaphora

Gerald Penn (Tübingen University)

Emmanuel Roche (Mitsubishi Labs): Finite-state transducers: parsing free and frozen sentences NLE abstract EFSML full paper Comments by Richard Sproat pdf

Catherine Rood (University of Cambridge): Efficient finite-state approximation of context free grammars

Anne Schiller (Rank Xerox): Multilingual finite-state noun phrase extraction

Wojciech Skut (Saarbrücken University): Finite automata for processing word order

Richard Sproat (Bell Labs): Multilingual text analysis for text-to-speech synthesis NLE Comments by Kimmo Koskenniemi pdf

Srinivas Banglore (University of Pennsylvania): Explanation-based learning and finite state transducers: Applications to parsing lexicalized tree adjoining grammars NLE abstract EFSML full paper

Masakazu Tateno, Hiroshi Masuichi and Hiroshi Umemoto (Fuji Xerox): The Japanese lexical transducer based on stem-suffix style forms NLE abstract EFSML full paper

György Vaszil (HAS Computer Science Institute)

J.M. Vilar, E. Vidal (Valencia Polytechnic) & J.C. Amengual (Universidad Jaume I): Learning extended finite state models for language translation NLE abstract EFSML full paper

Bruce Watson (Ribbit Software Systems): Implementing and using finite automata toolkits NLE abstract EFSML full paper Comments by Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú pdf

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